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Cheap Vending Machines

One thing that is important to keep in mind when ordering a vending machine is service and spare parts availability.

Are you promoting items that can be fit in the same kind of packaging? Are they in high demand? Perhaps you are selling little toys, snacks, sandwiches or drinks? Are you selling them yourself or employing a few people to sell them for you at different street corners? If you are, you might gain from automating your selling process with the help of a few cheap vending machines.

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Vending business has a lot of potential. It is especially suited for safer locations, such as train stations, bus stations, office buildings, central locations, schools, libraries, clinics, hospitals, swimming pools etc. - generally places that have a lot of people coming, going and waiting, that are likely to get hungry, thirsty or bored and have the means to buy themselves something. 

Vending machine manufacturers offer an ever-increasing variety of equipment, from small, tabletop gumball spheres to heavy, two-meter tall bottle dispensers. As you may know, a lot of present-day manufacturing is outsourced to China, so it makes sense to also look there for vending equipment. You’ll have to carefully balance product price with quality, as the cheapest is not usually the best. 

At the same time, it’s a good idea to compare your findings with what’s available locally. You will find many second hand machines at very good prices. True, not all are worth the investment, but some are quite sturdy and, perhaps with a little maintenance, can merrily keep doing their job for a few more years. 

The following is an interesting statistic from a well-known Asian brand. TCN Vending Machine, alsocheap vending machines known as Hunan Zhongji Technology Co. produces 299 types of drink vending machines, 70 types of snack vending machines, 14 types of medicine dispensers, 3 types of book vending machines, 44 types of mobile phone charging stations, 5 types of tissue vending machines, two types of coin changers plus fruit vending machines, card machines and others. Other brands include Southern Refreshment Services, NECTA and Seaga. 

Looking at some prices, you will find an SKU 24170001 coffee vending machine for about $6,500. A frozen food SKU 23450004 machine costs about $5,800. 

An SKU 23670037 Host Tower costs about $2,400. Many dealers include the shipping in the quoted price. 

Looking into the second hand market, a used GF12 Snack Machine costs about $2,150, a used PS24 Snack Machine costs about $2,700 and a Used Multivend Gumball Machine is available for $100. 

A used SKU 23410034 Gumball & Bulk - Classic costs just $35. 

One thing that is important to keep in mind when ordering a vending machine is service and spare parts availability. Another detail is that combo vending machines can look very practical and attractive, since they offer several functions. Nevertheless, complexity comes at a price. When one is seriously out of order it can prevent all products from being sold. The principle “don’t put all your eggs into the same basket” still holds true. 

In conclusion, there are cheap vending machines available from under $100 to about 2-3 thousand dollars, depending on the type. In time, as you build your business, you can research more expensive ones and their advantages.

Below is a short video that explains how to start a cheap vending machine business.